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Sales funnels

Your site looks great, your social media fits your brand, and all your apps are working brilliantly. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean the sales and conversions will naturally come flooding in.

These tools will show you how visitors respond to your website, and produce lots of helpful data you can turn into a strategy that works.

Find out when and where your online customers get interested or lose interest. Hotjar helps you measure the success of your forms, checkout pages, content, and more.

Who’s it for?

Freelancers and small businesses working hard on their website conversions.

Good bits

  • Test all your pages for engagement, drop-offs, and conversions.
  • Find out which form fields your site visitors are leaving blank.
  • Store all your reports and data for a whole year.

Not so good bits

  • Going through the results and reports can take a while.



Prices: €29 – $589 a month.

Pricing depends on your daily site visitors. If you get 2000 or less, you can use the free version. The paid plans give you unlimited reports and you can try them out free for 15 days.

This customer relationship management tool can save you loads of time on sales admin. Monitor your whole sales funnel in one place, then use the data to make your website even better.

Who’s it for?

Freelancers and small businesses that want to make sense of all their customer data.

Good bits

  • Create a clever sales pipeline that sends your customers on a specific journey.
  • Test how customers are responding to specific products and categories. You can add filters too.
  • Connect your emails to keep acquisition data in one place.

Not so good bits

  • There’s no free version!



Prices: £15 – £59 a month.

There is a free trial, but Pipedrive don’t say how long it is.

Create stylish landing pages, pop-ups, and forms with smart sales features built in. Leadpages promises quality leads and a much more engaged audience.

Who’s it for?

Freelancers and small businesses in need of sales features that work seamlessly and look great.

Good bits

  • Test your pages and forms thoroughly. A/B testing and real-time guidance will keep your call to action nice and clear.
  • Grow your email list faster with Leadpages sign-up templates.
  • Integrate with Mailchimp, Facebook, Google Analytics, Stripe, and more.

Not so good bits

  • Unfortunately, there’s no free version.



Prices: $37 – $321 a month.

The cheapest package should be everything you need. You’ll get unlimited pages, pop-ups, and alert bars, and a choice of over 200 templates.