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Our mission is to empower a generation of entrepreneurs to turn passion into profit.

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Our story

After years of working with small businesses and startups, co-founders Inna, who said goodbye to the corporate and finance world to work with SMEs; and serial entrepreneur Gustav, noticed the reoccurring frustrations that businesses were facing. With thousands of SMEs failing every year due to late payments, they decided to design a solution to tackle this problem. With that in mind, they set their sights on Mak, ex tech product manager at the likes of Quickbooks and Betfair, and the idea was born.

As for our name, you’re probably wondering where that came from. With its Swedish roots, there must be an interesting story behind it…Not really. After spending hours (and not to mention a worrying amount of coffee), Inna found the name in an unlikely place. Taking a sojourn in Sweden, from product development, Inna happened to be passing Solna and the name just stuck. Bish bash bosh…

What is Solna?

The team at Solna are innovating the invoicing process, creating the first platform of its kind to be powered by credit scoring data. Solna speeds up the payment process for small business; saving them time, mitigating risk, and allowing them to plan ahead and take advantage of new revenue opportunities.

Through leveraged credit data, that is overlaid on the platform’s invoicing and reporting functionality, users get a clear picture of their customer’s financial health and overall exposure to risk. The system’s automated credit control functionality, automatically chases the user’s overdue invoices and frees up their time, enabling them to go and grow their business.

Put simply, it’s smarter invoicing for smarter companies.

Core team



CEO & Co-Founder

As our esteemed ringleader, Inna is responsible for outlining our strategy and increasing our profits. Though Inna has experience at large firms like KMPG and Ernst & Young, she prefers working with start-ups such as Solna where she can flex her very impressive entrepreneurial muscles. Check out those guns!



Head of Product & Co-Founder

Before Solna, Makera aka ‘Mak’ was plying his trade as a product manager for cutting edge tech firms such as Betfair, QuickBooks and Thomson Reuters. He soon noticed the pain that small businesses go through when chasing their late-paying customers. Now he spends his days solving their problems by leading Solna’s product and development teams, as well as doing numerous other jobs that we don’t have room to list here.



Head of Marketing

After marketing the heck out of a number of SMEs and entrepreneurial businesses, Fatima came on board as our Head of Marketing. Tapping into her experiences with small businesses, and understanding of the challenges and pain points they face, Fatima now spends her days downing more tea than is medically recommended, whilst developing acquisition strategies and ways to raise our profile.

Our “bald” advisors



Founder & CEO Octopus Blue

As a business owner himself and a former accountant, Andy is the best placed to act as Solna’s chief advisor and, wow, do small businesses need advice! There are so many things for a start-up to learn – from technology hiccups to cash flow problems – and Andy will hold your hand(y) throughout.




Gustav is our unassuming Chief Technology Officer (tech guy). He’s not one for the limelight but we’re going to sing his praises anyway. Prior to co-founding Solna, Gustav was a foreign exchange trader, serial entrepreneur and a machine-whispering guru. Now that’s music to our ears.