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Combining the invoicing functionality with credit scores is Solna’s magic. Giving SMEs the facility to run a credit check on their customers will really help avoid those nasty surprises. The fact that it is free is a bonus!

Bobby Chadha, Small Business Mentor & Accountant

Helping you run your business smarter

Save time

Solna’s best in class functionality makes it easy to invoice and even easier to get paid… We’ll even do the chasing for you. Spend more time doing what you love and less on what you don’t.

Manage your risk

Solna gives you access to your customer‘s credit score and limit so that you can do business and get paid on your terms. Get a head start and know who you’re getting into business with.

Grow your business

Know exactly how your business is performing and where your money is with Solna’s intuitive dashboard and reports. Get faster and clearer insights simply, so you can get on with growing your business

Solna is all you need to do your invoicing


Dashboard, Invoices table, Invoice customization, Customer credit score

  • Custom invoices
  • e-invoicing
  • Automated reminders
  • Credit scores
  • Bulk data uploads
  • Invoice tracking
  • Reporting
  • Mulit-business support

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See how Solna stacks up against other invoicing platforms

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See how Solna stacks up against other invoicing platforms

Intelligent insights

Know your customer’s credit score before invoicing them

Easy invoicing

Create and send, beautiful, customised and professional looking invoices in seconds.

Automated reminders

Solna chases payments for you, so you can focus on the important stuff.

Why is Solna free?

Because we want to help small businesses achieve success

Our customers say…

Kelly Goss

Entrepreneur, Workflow Improvement Specialist

I love the credit scoring facility, combining this with the invoicing functionality is such a great idea! This will be very useful, and provide us with peace of mind when bringing on new clients especially!
Maxime Bigot @MToothpick

Co-founder & Motion Designer at DOT

So excited to get my hands on the Solna app… very useful for start-ups. Thanks to Solna, I’m saving hours that would have been spent chasing invoices and on top of it, it’s free!!!
Hazel Watson @hazelewatson

Founder at Beyond Initiative

The Companies House lookup is a stroke of genius, very cool. It makes adding new customers so much simpler than with previous invoicing packages I’ve used.