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Why is Solna free?

Solna is completely free. That right, £0!
Solna invoicing is free because we want to help freelancers and small businesses thrive

It’s simple. We want to help small businesses achieve success

Our mission is to empower a generation of entrepreneurs to turn their passions into profit – so if we can do this without taking a penny from you, we’ll try.

Often referred to as the backbone of our economy, almost 99 percent of UK businesses are SMEs! Yet, thousands go out of business every year, and many won’t survive to see their fifth birthday.

With SMEs missing out on billions yearly, due to unpaid invoices and the costs associated with chasing payments, it’s no wonder so many businesses fail. Whilst we can’t solve all your business issues, we want to arm you with the right tools to manage the avoidable.

With this in mind, we’ve developed a software that is made by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. Not only is it easy to use and saves time, but more importantly, helps you get paid faster and get more cash in the bank.

So why is Solna free? Because we know that the strength of the economy lies in small business… and while cash is not everything, it is king when it comes to business survival.

Solna invoicing is free because it was created to freelancers and small businesses succeed
Solna is free and the core offering will always remain free
Solna is free and the invoicing's core offering will always remain free

“If it is free, how do you make money?”

Good question.

Currently our service is completely free! Yep… all of it. However we will be looking to introduce some pricing for more premium features, and high volume advanced usage (we’re talking about the big businesses here), in the future.

Our core offering however will always remain free. You could say that this is our way of getting bigger businesses to help the smaller businesses. ?

Solna is free and our invoicing platform is secure
Solna is free and our invoicing platform is secure. We care about protecting your data

“So, you must be giving my data away?”

We knew that was coming…

We make it our business to ensure that your data stays safe. We’ve created a platform that is not only easy to use, but is very secure. AND we will never hand this precious information over to anyone.

In short, protecting your data is very important to us. We most certainly will not give away your data, nor do we plan to. Head over to our privacy to find out more.

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