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Get financially savvy

Despite years and years of maths lessons at school, tax, cash flow, and budgeting didn’t really come up much.

It’s never too late to improve your financial education. If you’re doubting your budgeting decisions, or baffled by tax, these free (or cheap) resources can boost your confidence.

HMRC Business Help

If you have an HMRC Government Gateway account, you should get their Business Help emails automatically. They have webinars and online information to help you understand both your personal and business tax.

Who’s it for?

Any freelancer or small business owner who wants to feel on top of their tax.

Good bits

  • Get the most up to date information directly from the people who make the rules!
  • The webinars are short and the written guides easy to read.
  • Explore specific topics like self-employment, VAT, PAYE, and money laundering regulations.

Not so good bits

  • It’s important stuff, but a bit dry.



Prices: It’s free!

Make tax season much easier to handle with this budgeting app. Soon, you’ll even be able to submit your return from the app too.

Who’s it for?

Freelancers and small businesses that are worried about their tax return every year like clockwork.

Good bits

  • See your tax calculations in real-time. They’ll update every time money comes into your business and be divided easily into income, tax, and expenses.
  • Find out how to claim for all the expenses you’re entitled to.
  • HMRC mileage rates are built in, so it’s much easier to track how much fuel you use.

Not so good bits

  • You can’t sign up for the paid account yet, it’s still being worked on.


Prices: The paid account is £69 for the year.

When it’s available, the paid account will let you save receipts and submit your tax return from the app.

Get a full detailed view of all your business’ cash in one place. Accounting tools help you keep track, but they often don’t have as many insights as Pulse.

Who’s it for?

Freelancers and small business owners who want to know exactly what’s going on in their bank account.

Good bits

  • See clear data that shows you all the top level info – income, tax, VAT, and more.
  • Get an alert every time a client or customer pays you.
  • Sync with all the major banks and accounting tools.

Not so good bits

  • Bit of a problem – it hasn’t launched yet. Sign up now to get on the waiting list.



Prices: No pricing info yet.