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Get credit data insights on your customers

Automate your accounts receivables process

Freelancers and small business have a lot to do in the day-to-day running of their business. Chasing invoices shouldn’t be one of those things. Let Solna automatically chase payments for you, so you can focus on the important stuff.
Stop chasing your clients for invoices and improve your cash flow with Solna's invoice payment reminders

A free credit control tool to ensure you don’t spend hours chasing your customers for payments.

Auto send payment reminders with every invoice

Automatically send payment reminders with every invoice

Send payment reminders every time you send an invoice to ensure you get paid on time. Your customers will get nudged several days before an invoice is due, and several days after it’s overdue until they pay. It’s the most effective way for freelancers and small business to manage their cash flow.

Automatically send payment reminders with every invoice before and after it is due
Customise your invoice email reminders
Customise your late invoice payment email reminders

Customise your reminders

Use Solna’s predefined templates or create your own to reflect the tone you want to convey to your customers. Switch specific reminders on or off, and create a custom reminder schedule.

Group your invoice payment reminders so customers get one email for multiple outstanding invoices

Group Reminders

Want to ensure your customers aren’t bombarded with reminders and your relationship with them is not damaged? No problem, Solna lets you group your reminders so that your customer only gets one reminder email for multiple outstanding invoices.

Group your invoice late payment reminders so your customers aren't bombarded with reminders
Switch on your payment reminders on a customer by customer basis
Switch on your invoice payment reminders on a customer by customer basis

Turn on reminders on a customer by customer basis

Only have a few ‘late paying’ customers? Solna let’s you turn on payment reminders on the customer level so that your best paying customers don’t get any. You can also choose to only send reminders on specific invoices that you might feel are more at risk.

Maxime Bigot @MToothpick

Co-founder & Motion Designer at DOT

So excited to get my hands on the Solna app… very useful for start-ups. Thanks to Solna, I’m saving hours that would have been spent chasing invoices and on top of it, it’s free!!!

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See how Solna stacks up against other invoicing platforms

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See how Solna stacks up against other invoicing platforms

That’s not all, we have even more features!


  • Create recurring invoices so you don’t constantly have to manual create one
  • Download your invoices in PDF and send them via email.
  • Bulk import invoices to save time when dealing with many invoices
  • Personalise your invoices to match your brand and impress your clients

Credit control

  • Set automatic payment reminders to encourage your customers to pay you on time.
  • Customize your payment reminder to be sent out on specific dates before and after an invoice is due
  • Track exactly who’s viewed your invoices so you can properly chase your customers if required.


And more

  • Save all your invoices in the cloud for access on any device at any time
  • Automatic calculate VAT calculations
  • Track payments, partial payments, overdue invoices and more
  • Invite your colleagues and accountant for multi-user access
  • Create more than one account for your other businesses.
  • Best in class online and chat support
  • Secure bank-level security to ensure your data is always save
Solna's range of invoicing features help freelancers and small businesses get paid on time

Smart invoicing for freelancers

Smart invoicing for